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Durbuy is not only the smallest city in the world it is also very old. It was first mentioned in the 9th century and in 1331 it was given city rights.
The first stone of the castle of Durbuy was laid down in the 9th century and until the 19th century the castle was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Hendrik, Count of Durbuy erected in the 11th century a new feudal castle on the ruins of the old medieval stronghold. Only the north west wall, the keep and a small tower remain of that castle. The castle was severely damaged in 1237 and 1317 when it was besieged by the army of Liege. In 1480 and 1483 it was again under siege this time by the armies of Maximiliaan. In 1675 the army of Lodewijk XIV arrived and again the castle was under heavy siege. The biggest parts of the current castle date from the 17th century but it was also remodeled between 1880 and 1882. The family d'Ursel own the castle since 1756. Although only small parts of the original medieval stronghold are left and incorporated in the current castle it still looks impressive. The castle itself is private property and can not be visited but visiting this charming medieval town is a pleasure. In the summer it can be very crowded as it is a real tourist magnet.