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The history of this impressive castle goes back to the early dark ages when in 1184 Boudewijn V of Henegouwen built the first castle on this rock. The Lords of Ecaussinnes and their heirs the Lalaigns changed the original castle throughout the centuries several times. Marie van Lalaing marries in 1450 Jan van Croy, descendant of the Counts and later Prince of Chimay. Later through kinship, the castle again became property of the family Lalaing. They sold it in 1642 to the family van der Burcht. In the 18th century the interior became decorated with Rococo elements in the gothic hall on the first floor. The keep got a doorway with baroque elements. Today there is the van der Burcht foundation who lovingly tends to this now museum of decorative arts. I very much recommend a visit to this ancient castle. To get there take exit 20 on Highway E19 and follow the signs.
(The middle picture is scanned from a postcards)