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The fief of Elverdinge goes back to early medieval times when it belonged to the Counts of Flanders. Filips de Gode Duke of Burgundy gave the estate in 1435 to Cornelis of Burgundy one of his children out if wedlock.
Adrianus vander Burcht comes in the possession of Elverdinge in 1639. The excisiting castle is demolished and replaced by a big castle on an artificial hill surrounded by a moat.
Nothing is left of the old castle of Elverdinge. Baron Jacques Ferdinand de Steenhuys replaced it in 1750 with a chateau in Louis XVI style. That castle was also replaced by a chateau on eclectic style by Count Victor Théodore d'Ennetieres.
During WWI the castle was used by the French and English army. The castle burned down in 1917 (see old pic on the right). In 1925 the castle underwent major restorations to give it back its old splendour. During WWII Count Antoine Léonel Mouchet Battefort de Laubespin was forced to donate his castle domain to the invading German army. At the end of WWII another restoration was necessary before the rightful owners could move back into their chateau.
The castle is still private property and cannot be visited but you can see it from the public road.