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Eyenburg is one of the few castles in this area that is built on a hill. You can find it about one kilometer to the south west of the church tower of the village Hergerwath.
The oldest parts of the castle are le Palas with walls two meter thick and the tower both date back to the 13th or 14th century. Large parts of the castle were destroyed in 1640 by a fire. The rebuilding was an opportunity to modernize. The small windows were replaced by the bigger windows we still can see now. In the beginning of the 20th century the castle underwent another major restoration.
The inside of the castle was very beautiful but unfortunately the last but one owner sold the complete interior. Since then the castle stands empty.
The name Eyenburg goes back to the first owners of this castle. Theodoric van Eyenburg in 1260, Herman van Eyenburg in 1285. Cunegunde van Eyenberg marries Daom van den Bongaerd their daughter inherits the castle and marries Arnould de Tzevel in 1430. Their daughter marries Jean de Dobbelstein van Doenraedt. The castle stays in that family until 1786 when Charles-Auguste de Dobbelstein sells the castle and grounds to Renier-Jozef Turbet.
In the beginning of the 19th century the estate is owned by banker Gérard Nagelmackers who sells it in 1836 to Baron Florent de Thiriart de Mützhagen. He sells in 1879 to business man Théodore Nelessen. He is the one who did the last major restoration. After his passing the castle goes to his son Hans Nelessen and his wife Elsa Cupper.
Castle Eyenburg is currently property of Societe de Carrieres de Hergenrath. Who open the castle on occasions for certain festivities.