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The ruins of this ancient castle lies close to the center of the village of the same name. Its history goes back to the 12th century when it was built by the Counts of Henegouwen. Because its location it ended up on the border of the principality of Luik in 1485. The castle belonged to different powerful families until it was besieged and conquered by the French army in 1554, during the war between King Henri II and Charles Quint. It was reqoncuered in 1555. In 1817 the area was attached to the Province of Namen and the castle became property of the princes de Ligne until 1920. The castle was a square one with on every corner a round tower. In the 14th century it was remodeled and modernize to withstand the new ways of besieging a castle. In the 15th century it was again modernized. The castle itself was protected by curtain walls, remains of those walls are still visible.
This castle ruin with his moat could be a beautiful place to visit. Unfortunately it is in bad shape. It is still mentioned in every tourist guide but I do not think it is open to the public anymore. The little ticket booth seems to have collapsed years ago. They also have done some restorations in modern concrete. I don't know who's idea that was but that person should be shot on sight. The last information I have is that it will be opened again Spring 2007. I visited the castle February 2007 and if they want to open it in the Spring a lot of work need to be done in a short time.
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