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Not far from the castle Mielmont you will find the castle farm of Falnuee. The heart of the farm is a 13th century keep. This keep was used as an outlook tower situated on the border between the County of Mazy and the Duchy of Brabant. During the 17th and 18th century more buildings were added to the keep.
In 1340 a certain Henri de Fannués is mentioned as owner of the keep. Other families who ruled over the keep were Anviang (1399), Barbecon (1437), Namur (1456), Roose de Leeuw (1714) and Coloma (1752). A manor house and chapel were added in the second part of the 17th century and it was again enlarged in the 18th century.
Since a few years the castle farm houses a golfclub with an 18-hole course. The buildings are in perfect condition and can be viewed from the public road.