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The first traces of the castle of Farciennes dates back to 1344 when Adolf van der Marck Prince bishop of Luik gave Hendrik of Fraciennes permission to restore and strengthen his castle. On September 23th, 1408 the army of the Prince Bishop is defeated by the united armies of Jan zonder Vrees and his brother Willem II of Beieren on the plain of Russon. The victors order that the strongholds in the area are dismantled, and so also the castle of Fraciennes undergoes the same fate.
The remains of the stronghold change hands several times until Charles-Albert de Longueval becomes owner. He orders to demolish what is left of the medieval stronghold and erects on the same spot a new aristocratic castle in the year 1630. He will however never see the finished building as he dies before it is completely finished in 1676.
Marie-Emmanuelle de Longueval, Countess of Bouquoi marries Albert-Maximiliem, Count de Fours and so the castle goes over to the de Fours family. The castle is damaged badly by pillaging armies during the French revolution. Count Francois de Fours is however able by a sales trick to keep the castle out of the hands of the French. In 1809 the Count de Fours, the last lord of Farciennes, sells his castle to Gabriel Scarsez a lawyer from Mons. He has however not the means to keep an estate like this is pristine conditions so decays starts to set in. Finally large parts of the park are sold and factories rise on were once the beautiful park was situated. The castle starts to show cracks because of the coalmines undermining the ground under the castle. The castle is rent out and is turned into a starch factory. In the meantime the beautiful castle interior is plundered and disappears all over the world. In 1860 the castle is turned into a farm. A part of the castle functioned as living quarters and some of the big ballrooms houses the cows and pigs.
Finally the town of Farciennes buys the castle but what remains is only a skeleton of what once was a beautiful estate. Large parts of the building have collapsed and there is nothing that can safe the castle from total destruction.
You can view the castle from the public road, even walk in the castle but beware the castle is in such a bad shape that any time parts can collapse or fall down.