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The fairytale apearence of this castle dates back from not so long ago. The history of this castle goes however back to the 10th century when a stronghold was raised on this spot. In 1340 the Marbaix faily buys the castle. It would change hands numerous times until it becomes property of the Corswaren family in 1665 who will keep it in the family until the end of the ancien regime.
The feudal stronghold was in such a bad shape that most of it was demolished and replaced by the current castle in gothic style by architect Beyaert.
A devastating fire raged through the chateau in 1961 but it was rebuilt quickly. In the beginning of the 70's it became property of the city of Etterbeek who would use it as a vacation colony. The castle is now back in private hands and can not be visited. It can be partly viewed from the public road.
Not many is left of the mideaval stronghold but you still can see the old keep which is the square tower. It was also rebuilt several times but parts of it still date back to the early years of this castle.