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You can find the castle of Feluy in the village of the same name. The castle is private property but it can be viewed from the public road and you also can rent rooms for your weddings or other parties.
The first castle was erected by Eustache de Boussies in 1380. His family would own the castle until 1548. For a short period until 1576 the castle belongs to Rubemprés. The family Renesse comes into the possession of the castle by marriage and keeps it until 1659. René de Renesse restores the castle in 1615. Again by marriage the castle goes to the de Berghes family who would keep it until 1720. Because of the wars through the centuries the castle suffered a lot and was also neglected. Countess d'Ysendoorn de Blois buys the castle in 1774 and in 1777 she rebuilds the castle into the architectural taste of that time. Architect Puttemans remodels and restores the castle again in 1940.
As you can see the castle consists out of two buildings. The medieval gate building and the living quarters who are a few centuries younger.