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Not all medieval Lords lived in big fortified castles. For example the Novilles family who had small financial means were forced to share their ground in the 13th century with others. One of their descendants, Godescalc de Jodion inherited the grounds of Fernelmont and constructed an architectural refined keep. The Keep was not only used to defend the farm that was standing behind the keep but was also used as a residence. Prove of that are the 20,000 small varnished floor tiles we find in the Lords chamber, the trefoil basins and slots and other peculiar well preserved medieval stuff. Later on in time the farm was removed and more luxurious living wings were build around the keep so that the estate turned into a square water castle. Some families / people who owned the castles throughout the centuries were the Barwitz, Harscamp Fernelmont, Marie-Josephe d'Harscamp and Jacques-Francois Count of Groesbroek & Lord of Franc-Waret. Today the castle is property of Baron Patrick de Mandat-Grancay. The keep can be visited with a guide during the weekends in July & August.