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You can find this impressive castle in the village of Anthée along the road from Dinant to Philippeville. From a deed dating 1318, we know that Michel II de Fontaine died and passed on the castle to his brother Baudry, who was also lord of Dorinnes. The Fontaine family remained the owner of this castle until the 15th century. Heiress Aëlis de Fontaine married Jean d'Oignies who with his father, perished on the battlefield in 1423. Aëlis remarried with Hoste d'Aublain and became Lady of Fontaine as well as Lady of Aubl the property of this illustrious family for 150 years. Anne de Senzeilles married Baron Jean de Goesbeek on September 2nd, 1578. In 1631 the de Goesbeek family encountered big financial difficulties and were forced to sell the castle to Count Ferdinand de Boisschot. The de Boisschot family sold on their turn February 23rd, 1712 the castle to Baron Jacques-Gabriel Jacquier. The Jacquier family kept the castle until 1840 when Baron Laurent-Adolphe de Jacquier de Rosée sold the property to Count Louis-Antoine de Robiano. Louis Antoine married with Marie-Louise-Ida de Beauffort. They later had a daughter named Jeanne, who married the Baron Alphone-Francois-Joseph de Senzeilles. Their marriage stayed childless so Jeanna pointed out her cousin Count Fernand-Amedée-Victor-Idesbald-Jean-Ghislain-Anne-Marrie de Beaufort as her heir. Seven years after he inherited the castle he sold it to viscount de Jonghe on February 26th, 1907. He later sold it to his son in law René Boël who sold it to the industrialist A. Swaellens. He turned the castle in a luxurious restaurant and later into luxurious apartments. A function it still keeps to the current day. The castle that is private can be viewed from the public road in all its glory.