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The history of this old stronghold of the principality of Luik goes back to the 11th century. The original medieval castle was rebuilt and remodeled many times throughout its history. The first remodeling took place in the 13th century. In the 14th century it was rebuilt after devastating fire destroyed the castle in 1387.The castle was under a heavy siege in 1487. In 1505 the castle changed hands when the principality of Luik gave the castle to the famous de la Marck family. The castle underwent major changes during the reign of bishop Erard de la Marck (1505-1538). He built new curtain walls with tower and installed shelters from which canons could be fired. He also installed a chapel, kitchen, toilet tower and bigger windows. In other words, he made the stronghold more comfortable to live in. After the 16th century the castle lost its military because of it being in a strategically bad location. Since the Luikse revolution in 1795, the castle was abandoned and turned into ruins. It was used until the early 19th century as a stone pit. The ruins are now the property of the village Theux. Excavations and restorations turned this ruin into the now interesting historical place making it certainly worth a visit. The site is large where lots of things can be discovered. There is also a small museum in a restored tower.
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