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This castle was built in the 16th century. In the 18th century it came into the hands of the family Beaufort-Spontin who remodeled the castle. You can say that Freyr is a small Versailles. A few years ago a flood from the nearby river Maas damaged the castle. Everything got restored again and you can take a guided tour through the castle and its beautiful garden. I took the tour in July 2000. The tour lasted about three hours and the guide told lots of interesting and fascinating stuff. Like in 1675 coffee was tasted for the first time in this castle when a historical treaty was signed. The interior of the castle is simply breathtaking and also the gardens are impressive. You can find the castle a few kilometers to the south of the city Dinant in an impressive setting along the left bank of the river Maas. The castle is certainly worth a visit.
(The middle pic is scanned from a postcard.)