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The domain belonged in the 14th century to the Hemptinne family. They sold it in 1429 to the Fuma family. They would keep it in the family until the 17th century when Louis Jean Jacques de Beaurieu marries Marie de le Ruelle a niece of Jean de Fumal. The Beaurieu family erects the current castle. Philip Franciscus van Woelmont who is married to Gertrude van Corioule buys the castle in 1748. The castle stays in the family until 1889 when Baron de Woelmont sells the domain to the family Bergeyck. Later on Andre de Liederkerke major of Eghezée also inhabited the castle. Jean Louis Schepens buys the castle after the war. The castle is completely restored in 1976.
So the castle is in perfect condition and can been partly seen between the leaves of the many trees of the surrounding park in the village Eghezee.