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This is not really a castle but the construction goes back to the dark ages.
This house has belongs to the town since 1951. Old property of the Abbey was probably given up at the end of the XVI century time when the Salmier's family bought it.
The house which was the Bailli's residence is erected about 30 meters from the emplacement of the old ramparts. In the park surrounding the house you can see the Southern Tower of the old town enclosure. There is no doubt that this building played a defining role in the defense of the town. In 1589, the house was rebuilt in sands and limestone over both cellars built in the XII and the XIII centuries. At that time it was shaped as a square topped with a big roof timber with four walls and flanked by one tower only. In 1937 it was enlarged with a bay on the West side with a modern tower. The town's office is now located in this addition. Others remodeling had been made to the building during the XVIII and XIX centuries. A rock with the coat of arms is posted on the tower's door along the East side of the building. There, one can see, the year of the re-building and the Salmier's family coat of arm originally from the Dimant's patriarch. One of the cellars is arched like a crib; the other one has ridges.