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The name Graaf dates form more recent time. The historical name is Streversdorp. The castle with its sober and rough looks still looks a lot like a medieval stronghold. The many owners throughout the centuries did some restorations and remodeling unfortunately not always in a justified manner.
The first owner was Goswin de Treversdorp he owned the castle in the beginning of the 14th century. He and his sister Elise sold it later to Kerstiaanen van den Knavel. He sells it on his turn in 1350. Later on it is property of Reybart de Wilde. Around 1400 the castle belongs to his son in law Jacque Chabot.
In 1475 it belongs to Jean van den Horrick who leave it to his daughter Anne who was married to Jacques van der Heiden. In 1659 it is Guillaume van der Heyden who inhabits the castle. In 1722 it is Baron Philippe Antoine van der Heyden who resides at Streversdorp.
His descendants sell the castle in 1810 to Arnold Antoine Thiriant. He leaves the castle to his son who dies without an heir in 1860. He leaves his whole fortune to his second cousin Gaston de la Rousseliere-Clouard. In 1908 the estate is bought by Charles Jeanne Dothée. After his passing the castle goes to his widow and children. Jeanne d'Othee sells in 1986 the castle to the owners of castle Lontzen. Castle Graaf that stands in the middle of nowhere is private property but can be viewed from close by. The big pond beside the castle is used by the locals as a fishing location.