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The shape of this castle is still pretty much the same as it was in the middle ages when it was part of the defending belt around the city of Antwerpen. It was architect van Baurscheit de Jonge who builds in 1729 an elegant castle on top of the remains of the old fortress for Baron van Susteren. He kept the north and east walls of the old castle and incorporated them in the new castle. The early history of the castle is dark and sketchy. There are indications of a certain Walterus dictus greve de Wesele in 1312. After that not much is known until the early 18th century when the immensely rich Melchior van Susteren becomes owner of the building. In the second half of the 18th century it becomes property of baroness Isabel Roose Vecquemas de la Vere. She lived peacefully in the castle as Marie Antoinette and beautified the castle interior. After that it came into the hands of the Barons Pélichy and subsequently to their decedents Gilles. Since a couple of years the castle is property of the antique dealer Michiel Vervoort. In the castle and its surrounding buildings he established a collection of the most beautiful art and furniture in Europe.
Two times a year the castle opens its doors for the public. For more information call +32 03 658 14 70
The castle is in s”Gravenwezel about 15 km to the north of Antwerpen