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Grobbendonk was the name of a knightly family who oldest traces date back to the year 1200. They owned the area within the center their stronghold that once stood on this place. Throughout the centuries the estate was sold only one time in 1545. Before and after that sale it passed always on through inheriting. The current owners is the d'Ursel family. They are heirs of the German merchant Gaspar Schetz who bought the castle in 1545. Later on it became a barony and a county.
The traces of life on this spot between the merging of the rivers Kleine Nete and Aa date back to 1200 BC. They found back utensils, bones and stones that date back to that period. The castle itself started out as a Roman guard tower.
The castle was destroyed several times throughout the centuries and the only thing that remains now is the gate and out buildings. The castle as you can see it on this engraving on the left disappeared completely.