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Groenenberg is not a real old castle but it is just across the road of castle Gaasbeek. If you visit this mighty castle you may just as well cross the street and walk in the big park that surrounds castle Groenenberg. It was notary Charles Claes who commissioned architect Y Evrard in 1900 to design the castle and landscape architect Edmond Geloppin designed the park. During WWII the castle was confiscated by the Germans and became the safe haven for high ranked German officers. The bunker they built under the terrace is still there. British and American soldiers damaged the castle severely after the liberation. The owners got their property back after the war but the castle was uninhabitable. Slowly the castle turned into a ruin. In 1981 the Flemish government bought the domain. Restoration started with the neglected park and the castle was restored beautifully too.
The ministry of the Flemish community offices has found their home in the castle. The castle itself is not open for visits but the park is a nice place to have a walk on a cold winter day or a hot summer day.