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The origin of castle Groeningenhof can be traced back to 1148 when a simple farm was located on this place called Ossele. When the domain was sold in 1522 to Jacob van Groenenberch there was in the deed of sale also a castle mentioned. In 1600 after the siege of Antwerp in 1583 and other troubled times the owner of the farm Ossele moved into the castle, according a document because the farm was burned down. This is also the first time that the name Groeninghen is used. The castle changed hands several times throughout history until Jacques-Jean-Baptiste della Faille bought the castle in June, 1830. The della Faille family is still owner of the estate. Castle Groeningenhof like we can see it now, although only during the winter between the leafless trees, with its neo Flemish renaissance and neo gothic style dates mainly from the 16th .