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The castle of Haltinne seems to be one of the few castles where time has no grasp on. It is still in the same state as when it was build. Geraerd van Groesbeeck, Lord van Hoemen bought in 1635 a piece of land where he erected this castle between 1635 and 1647. The castle is surrounded by a wide moat and was constructed on foundations from an older castle. The square castle can be entered by a small brick bridge from 1889. The gate in front of the castle was originally designed for the royal castle of Ciergnon. King Leopold II refused the gate and so it was bought by Gustave Dumont who was at that moment owner of the castle of Haltinne. You can not visit the castle but you can admire it from the road in all it's glory. Haltinne is located 19km to the east of Namen.