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This impressive castle can be found in the village of Hargimont close to Rochefort. The rectangular keep dates back to the 12th century the base measures 15 by 11 meter and it is 23 meter high. The first written documents of the stronghold dates 1280 and it gives us also with Jean Dochain the name of the owner. In 1250 Jemeppe was only a gathering of small buildings surrounded by a moat but because of the ongoing war between the houses of Namen and Luxemburg it was necessary to build a fortified house to withstand attacks of soldiers and plunderers. The keep has five floors, the first two floors were the Lords living quarters and the two above were less opulent and were used by servants to take refuge from the plunderers and they were also used as storage room. The Dochian family stayed in possession of the keep until 1616. By marriage it came into the possession of Raes D'ans, Squire of Velroux. It was this Raes D'Ans who extended the keep into a rectangular castle. Between 1739 and 1748 the wings were modernized so that more light could enter the rooms. More restorations were done during the 19th century. In 1883 the castle came in the hands of the Sauvage-Vercour family. Adrien Sauvage-Vercour restored the castle thoroughly between 1865 and 1875. An attic and saddle roofs were added to the wings and the steep roof we can see now replaced the flat roof of the keep. But times changed and it became impossible for the last owners to maintain this huge castle and decay sat in. In 1997 it was bought by project developer Tijs Blom of Eemnes together with architect Renaud Storm van Leeuwen and landscape architect Theo van t'Klooster restorations began to give the castle back it splendor. You cannot visit the castle but you can view it from the public road. The castle is now used for seminars and other functions.