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The history of this castles starts in medieval times at the beginning of the 14th century when the Clermont family built a first fortress on this spot. The castle was build on a strategically important place. The edifice changed hands numerous times and during the 15th century there were heritage twists between lots of people but to all of this came an end when Margareta van der Marck married Jean de Ligne in 1547. From then on the castle was inhabited permanently.
Big construction works were started in the 17th century when Count Ernest van Suys married around 1631 Ernestine van Lynden who had inherit the castle. Count van Suys had the castle modernized to the standards of those times. The big corner tower was erected and two wings were added who were connected to the already existing living quarters. The courtyard was laid out by Ernestine. This courtyard was protected by round towers. Two of those towers are still standing. After the big remodelling of the 17th century, who turned the castle into renaissance estate, were finished the castle would keep it 17th century look until to date. The next family living on the edifice was the Eynattens and they passed it on to the Rahier family.
The castle underwent major restoration without changing it appearance in the 20th century on request of Edgard Potter. The castle became a protected monument in 1965 and was purchased by the Province of Liege in 1973.
Currently the castle is a congress centre and on a summer day you can have a drink on the terrace of the little tavern / restaurant they installed in the castle.