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In the small village of Herbeumont we find the castle ruin with the same moniker. Johan de Rochefort built the castle of Herbeumont in 1268. The castle gets a trapezoidal shape with towers on all corners. The keep becomes part of the gate building. This primitive castle had no comfort or luxury at all. In the 16th century the castle was altered to withstand the new ways of warfare. Walls were strengthen to protect better against canons, additional towers were erected and cannon platforms were constructed. From 1545 the castle was used to defend the German Holy Roman Empire against France. The French troops attacked the stronghold for the first time in 1558. Later on during the 30 Years war from 1618 to 1648 the castle was besieged and destroyed several times. The castle is stormed and taken in 1657 by Marchal de La Ferté. The French King Louis XIV orders him to dismantle the castle. It was never rebuild and stayed in ruins since that day. A visit to the ruins is free, and although they should do some more work to consolidate the fortification it is still a nice place to visit and to walk around.
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