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The Hamelsgoet was for the first time mentioned in 1515. Back then there wasn't a castle but a farm. Until late 18th century the domain stayed in the hands of notaries, aldermen, stewards and other important people from the surrounding cities. The married couple Van Henis-Briers buys the estate in 1789 and uses it as a country house. Their daughter marries with a member of the Zerezo family. A generation later Adéle Zerero marries with senator Van Willigen. He is the one who builds a castle close to the old building that is turned into a coach house and also a beautiful park is designed.
This castle is demolished in 1947. Jeanne Van Willigem, widow of Baron Eugéne de Moffarts commission her son in law Knight Barthélemy de Theux de Meylandt et Monjardin to build a new country house on the foundations of the old one.