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Castle Hodbomont was erected around 1764 for the abbot de Marteau who came from Theux. He called his chateau La Maison Sans Soucis.
The abbot sold his castle in 1779 to Edmond Fion de Verviers. He remodeled the castle for the first time, the works were finished in 1781. The next owner was the business woman Madame Simonis who was in the wool business. She passed away without a heir and the castle went to her niece Mary Josefine de Grand Ry who married Charles Frederic Count de Pinto. Their descendants did some other transformations to the castle in 1870 and also built the nearby church in 1883.
Through marriages most of the big families of the area were somehow involved with the castle. Also the famous Berlaymonts family. The last noble resident of the castle, Countess de Chassberg lost the whole property in the casino in Spa. Dr. Potelle bought the domain to transform it into a hospital but the plans never became reality because of the war. He left it to his son who sold it in 1993 to Mr.Jonas.
In December 2000 Mr. Jonas sold the castle to the current owners Anke Gerkens and Herbert Wingens. They work hard to give the castle back the splendor from years long gone. So the castle is private property but they did restore a beautiful furnished apartment in the castle. This two bedroom apartment can be rented for short or longer periods. So if you want to spend some tranquil time in a beautiful surrounding then don't hesitate to contact the owners. You can find all info on their web site on our LINKS page.