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Nestled at the intersection of the street des Pres Diérains and the street Bierset, stands this quiet and mysterious castle. According to historical texts there was a castle on this spot built in the 12th century. This old stronghold disappeared in the 16th century. The current castle was most likely build on the foundations of the old castle. We can find prove of that in the cellars. So castle Hollogne has a long history. It originally belonged to the Abbey Cornelimuntser (near Axe-La-Chapelle). It then came in the hands of Jean de Hollogne son of Beaudouin of Luxembourg who bought the castle in 1323. This family keeps the castle in its possession until 1664 when the last descendant of this ancient family marries Baron de Kinsky an important man at the Pursian court. This German family sold in 1729 the castle to Barbe of Noville. Jacques-Nicolas de Coune Lord of Deigné bought the castle in 1757. His son Maurice de Coune inherited the castle in 1822. He became major in 1849.
The castle passed to the hands of the family Mottart whose daughter marries the banker de Lhonneux. Their daughter marries a descendant of the family van Zuylen.
The current castle dates from the 16th to the 18th century. The castle has been lent by the van Zuylen family on 1969 to an organization that use it as a holiday retreat for disadvantaged children. During six weeks in the summer children can stay at the castle for a modest price. You find the castle in Grace Hollogne between the aforementioned streets.