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The village of Horion is dominated by a hill. On this hill a first castle was erected in 1300 by Count Gerard de Ruland. His successor Rulant and later Hemricourt choose the name Horion. They abandoned their castle on the top of the hill to build this castle in the 14th century.
After the castle was property of the Gorondelet family, humanists from Franche-Comté who was on the side of Margaretha of Austria the castle went in the 18th century to the Grady family from Liege. A description of the place dating from that era still talks about four round corner towers. Those four towers protected in 1702 a garrison of 500 Dutch soldiers who fought against and defeated the armies of Louis XIV during the siege of Maastricht.
Ten years ago the castle was a hotel restaurant but when I visited it looks it is a private residence again that can be viewed from the public road in the village Grace-Hollogne