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It was during the 12th century that in the middle of town a keep was built surrounded by curtain walls and towers all of this strengthened by a moat. Giselbert d'Esh son of Countess Ermengarde de Clermont moved in the castle in 1131. His decadents are in order Renard de Hermalle, Henri de Hermalle and Ruxella who marries Tomas de Warfusee. Their great grandchild is Henri II de Hermalle Field Marshal of the Principal Liege and leader of the Waroux. The result of this was was that the castle was besieged and demolished in 1315. It was immediately rebuilt and destroyed again in 1346. The daughter of Heni II marries somebody of the de Lummen family and this is the end of the Hermalle dynasty on the castle.
The castle will change hands many times some of the families who owned it are de Salme, de Horion, de Rougrave, de Goisbeck and de Berlo. It is during the 17th century that the Count van Ursel restores and renovates the castle in a major way. During the 18th century the chateau is in the hands of the de Moreau family. In the 19th century it is the de Louvrex family and later on the baron de Warzée d'Hermalle. Baron Charles de Potesta buys the estate in 1853. During the 70's of the 20th century the heirs of the Baron de Potesta sell the castle. The Potesta family was the last noble family who lived on the estate.
I do not know who owns the castle now. It still looks like an impressive castle surrounded by a deep moat but if you look closer you will see that the roof is damaged on several locations and small windows are broken. Lets hope that this castle will not fall in decay. You can few the castle from the public road.
Behind the church to the right of the castle you can see the farm Cense Cassal or Ferme aux Deux Tours (picture on the right). This farm with the impressive two towers was erected in 1610 on top of 15th and 16th century foundations.