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You can find this castle farm in the small village Izier. The main feature of the complex is the imposing donjon from the 14th century. It was Evrard van Izier who founded the fief of Izier in 1124. During the 14th century a first part of the keep was built a second part was added in the 15th century. The family Sarter becomes owner in 1501. They add the square living quarter with three towers to the estate. In 1580 the fief is divided through marriage between the Sarter and My family. During the 17th century the stables are added. In the 18th century the fief goes back to one family. The next decades it will be in the hands of the de Sartier, de Fraipont, de Rahier and the Maissieres families. At the end of the 19th century it is property of Mw. Lelievre.
The State buys the keep in 1980 and restores it. The whole site becomes a protected historical monument. Currently the farm is still a working farm run by Mr. Jacot.
So it is private property but the estate can be viewed from the public road.