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The history of this castle farm goes back very far in time. It originally belonged to the Faulx family. Knight Jean de Faulx who passed away in 1282 was the first lord of Jamblinne. His third son Gilles de Faulx was the first one who used the name Jamblinne around the year 1300. Gilles de Jamblinne and his descendents will keep the estate in their possession for hundreds of years. In 1783 it was Viscount Sandrouin who owned the domain and in 1788 it was the Lord of Villers-sur-Lesse. Later on it was bought by the Count Crunchy who transferred it into the hands of King Leopold II in 1891. Since then the castle farm is property of the royal family.
The castle farm as we can still see it now was built by Lord John Marbaix in 1634 on the remains of the old stronghold. The only part remaining of this ald castle is the small round tower.
The castle farm can be viewed from the public road and is located close to castle Ciergnon in the village Villers-Sur-Lesse.