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The castle of Jannée dates with its four towers and horseshoe shape back to the 17th century when it was rebuilt on top of the ruins of on old 12th century keep. In the 19th century there were some more modifications done. The castle is situated in a park with very old trees and a pond.
Most brochures will tell you that the castle is open for a visit and that you can view 21 rooms that or richly furnished and that there are beautiful paintings and a great weapon collection. This is however no longer the case. I was there May 10, 2003 and the castle was closed. According to the person who let us in the park the castle is already closed for more than a year. I do not know that it will be opened again in the near future. You can however, for a small fee, visit the park.
You can find the castle a long the N4 road in the direction of Arlon.