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This castle is just like the one of Ciergnon also part of the possessions from the Royal Family. This 17th century castle belonged to the Count the Cunchy but in 1892 the Belgian King was able to convince him to sell the castle to him. In the past the grounds belonged to the lords of Celles. In 1637 the last Celles, named Catherine married Itel – Frederic de Merode. They leave the castle to Marquez de Merode – Deinze in 1733. He sells it to the industrial Gédéon Desandrouin.
His grandchild Julliette Desandrouin marries Count Hilarion de Liedekerke Beaufort in the middle of 1788. Liederkerke Beaufort became Lords of the area. Maximilienne – Ermeline marries the Count Cunchy, Alphonse-Ghislain. A fire destroys the central part of the castle in 1857.
The castle stands mostly empty and during the summer it is sometimes used by the scouts and in the autumn it is used as a hunting pavilion.