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Kapellen is a village that has many small castles. Most of them were built in the 19th century by rich merchants and bankers from Antwerp. On this page you can see three of these small chateaux that were mostly used as a weekend home.
On the left you can see Irishof a chateau built in 1895, it was property of the family Speth who were the founder of American Petroleum CO or ESSO. Irishof is now part of a school.
The pink castle dates back to 1908 and is currently for sale. It housed a Chinese restaurant that went belly up. That's all the info I could find. You can view the building from the public road.
The third castle is Heidehof. This 19th century land house belonged to the family Osterrieth-Speth. Heidehof is the boarding school of the students that go to the Irishof school. Both castles can be visited in those functions.