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Castle Kortenbos was originally built in 1641 together with the basilica across the road as a pilgrim's hotel called The Big Angel. Five years later it was sold to the rector of the abbey Averbode. French troops burned down the building but it was rebuilt in 1698 although not in its original form and parts were added. The stables were added in 1726 and formed with the other buildings a defendable square. Godfried Regnier Cox added another floor to the main building and moved in. Later on the castle was sold to Thyssen Hendrik Hubert van Kinrooi. The family Thyssen was an prominent family in the area. The Thyssen family did everything they could to keep the castle in pristine condition. They were enthusiastic art and archeology artifacts collectors and filled the inside of the castle with expensive antique furniture, artifacts and a priceless art collection.
Unfortunately the Thyssen family is no longer owner of the domain as they lost it in a inheritance battle.
The castle borders the public road, in the center of the charming village of Kortenbos