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The local Lords van Wezemael built this castle during the 14th century. Financial problems were the cause of why they had to sell their castle in 1380 to the family 't Seclaes from Brussels. In the second part of the 16th century the properties from the family 't Serclaes went to the family de Fourneau Lords of Kapelle by means of marriage. A jump in time to June 2nd, 1938 is when the family de Lichtervelde holds a public sale of the castle. The friars of the Christelijke Scholen who still own it today bought the castle. Part of the castle is used as a school. The castle still reflects a memory of times as a medieval stronghold with its wide moat and a square entrance tower where you still can see the marks of the drawbridge and the portcullis. So the castle is used as a school and as living quarters for the friars but you can walk up to the castle without any problems. The castle is located in the town of Ternat.