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Not far from the castle of Ecaussinnes Lalaing you will find this castle. Although the castle lost its fortified look it was once a mighty stronghold. The current castle was constructed on the remains of an old fortified dwelling in the 16th century. Prove of this older castle are the impressive cellars where you still can find the foundations of the four corner towers.
The current owner is the Duke van Lichtervelde. His father Pierre van Lichtervelde did archaeological diggings and proved that there once was a stronghold with four round corner towers connected by three meter thick curtain walls, the edify was surrounded by a moat and The square castle with four towers had in the middle a mighty square keep. The stronghold was erected around the year 1100 by Othon d'Ecaussinnes. De Roeulx and Simon de Lalaing would follow him as castle lords. Englebert d'Enghien a member of the mighty feudal house d'Eghien married in 1364 Marie de Lalaing. He named the domain La Folley in 1366. From the old stronghold a few parts remain. The sidewalls who are three mater thick and a spiral staircase in the tower + the cellars with vaulting.
The castle is private but can be viewed from the public road.