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What now are ruins was once a mighty castle that was built between the 11th and 14th century. By excavations in 1954 mister Fourny found a bronze piece that was made in Trier during the reign of Constantine The Great (307-337). This discovery shows that this cape was already inhabited in very early times. In the 12th century the castle played an important part in the defense and development of trade. It was strategically placed along the trade route to Lombardy of English wool. The castle was inhabited until 1780. The French conquered the castle on August 10th, 1681. Soon there came an end to the mighty castle when Jozef II gave up the stronghold. The castle fell into ruins and the people of the village used it for a long time as a stone pit. The ruins are situated in the middle of the charming town of La Roche. You cannot miss it. Visiting the castle is a must when you are paying this touristy village a visit.