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At the beginning of the 14th century the mighty family Berlo wanted to establish their power by building a castle. They found the perfect spot on a swampy plain along the slow flowing river Wimbe. In 1450 the keep was built. This impressive sturdy tower held up many attackers with its moat, loopholes and drawbridge. The keep forms together with the three other towers a castle that still looks unconquerable. Throughout time the castle came in the hands of the family Den Bosch – Mompertingen and the Merode – Middelburgs. Baron de Rouveroit bought the castle in 1630. He took down part of the curtain wall and he remodelled the façade of the inner courtyard into Italian baroque. The castle became an attractive country place. Anne-Désirée de Rouveroit married Prince de Gavere governor of Namen and the castle became disused.
The 19th century was a dark period for the castle. It came in the hands of several families. The families Malacord, Fishbach, Massange, van Volxem and Orban had one thing in common, they did not look after the castle and it turned slowly into ruins.
The sky clears finally up for the castle in 1934. Baroness Lemonnier restores the castle completely and gives it back its breathtaking outlook. The castle holds now a museum.
The castle that is constructed in grey stone looks very solid and impressive. It holds two different exhibitions. One part of the castle has still all the furniture in it and another part has a museum about hunting. You can walk freely inside the castle and there are many rooms to explore. It will take you an hour or two to explore everything.
Getting there is easy, (ok I got lost but that was only because of my own stupidity :)). Take the E411 Brussels – Namen. Take Exit 22a and follow the signs, which will lead you to the castle. Lavaux-Sainte-Anne is a must.
(Third picture is scanned from a brochure)