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You can find castle L'Avouerie in the village of Anthisnes in the Province Liege. The oldest part of the castle is a 12th century old square keep that is five floors high and has 2 meter thick walls. This keep is without doubt one of the best kept examples of a keep of that time era in Belgium. Left of this imposing keep a living quarters wing was built flanked by four towers between 1643 and 1648. Two of those towers were destroyed in a fire and never rebuild. This extension was erected by Godefroid d'Anthisnes who was married to Elisabeth de Fraipont. This is mentioned on a stone decorated with their coat of arms. To the right of the keep other buildings like a chapel were constructed in 1642. The castle borders to the public road so you can admire it in all his robust glory. There is also a beer and gin museum in part of the castle.