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Castle Le Fy was build in 1904 on the highest point of the village Esneux by architect Paul de Saintenoy for Jean-Edouard-Jules Van Parys. It is occupied by the German army when the owner dies in 1915. In 1923 it becomes property of the Belgian consul in China. The castle is abandon in 1964 and decay sets in. the village of Esneux buys the property in 1982. Le Fy becomes a protected monument in 1999. A private investor buys the castle in 2003. As you can see the restorations are still going on. I do not know what function the castle will have once it is restored.
The castle is a mixture of styles. The front is in renaissance with a medieval tower and a gothic roof with fine little towers. The castle is situated in an English park.
It was abandoned for many years and in a bad state. Recently it was bought and restorations are started.