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The history of this castle goes back to the year 1324 when it was declared a fief by the Counts of Hainault and was awarded to Gérard de Lestruve. The estate is passed on to Hoste d'Ecaussinnes and in 1440 to the Despretz de Quievrain family who would keep it until 1483. It is Watier de Quivrains who erects a fortified castle in 1454. It is on the foundations of this old castle that the current building is erected. In 1483 the estate is passed on to the Cottrel family by marriage they would keep the castle for seven generations. This family did most of the restoring and rebuilding in the 16th and 17th century. They turned the fortified mediaeval dwelling into a graceful chateau.
The domain became property of Marie Spinola who was the last niece of the Cottrels dynasty in 1727. She gave it to her son but he was more interested in partying in Paris and he sold the estate in 1756 to Joseph Antoine de Wautier. The court of Hainault saw it however different and they overturned the sale and transferred the castle to Jean Philippe d'Yve, Viscount of Bavay.
The d'Yve family still owns the castle today. So the chateau is private property but you can view it from the public road.