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The history of Lexhy goes back to the year 1000 when there was a Romanesque villa on the estate. It was Rasse de Dammartin who married Alix de Warfusee. Their son Hughues took the name Lexhy after a piece of land he bought where he erected a castle (see drawing on your left). The foundations of this old stronghold rest on the bottom of the pond behind the current castle. The estate was in the possession of many families throughout the centuries. Some of the lineages who ruled over Lexhy were the Kerkem, Wihogne, d'Ans and Surlet families. In the 19th century it became property of Baron de Blanckart. Baron Blanckart demolished the old castle and commissioned the building of the current castle in 1850. The living space in the castle is 7200 square meter for a family of 11 and a staff of 70 people. Something that would no longer be possible these times because of the high costs
The heir of the Blanckarts was Count Joseph de Borchgrave d'Altena. Lexhy lived through a glorious period the chateau was filled with a big collection of arts and antiques. Unfortunately after the death of the Count his collections were sold and dispersed. The castle fell in decay until it was bought by the current owners who restored the domain and use the castle now as a hotel where you can rent rooms and apartments, it is also used for cultural events and it can be rented for family events as long as it doesn't is a noisy party.