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You can find castle Libermé in the village Kettenis. The castle was property of Arnold de Libermé in 1346. It would stay in this family for about 160 years. In 1439 the castle belongs to canon Guillaume de Libremé. In the middle of the 15th century the castle belonged to Carsilis d'Eupen. He sells to the brothers Jean and Bauduin de Birgel and to Werner de Palant. Thierry de Palant viscount of Limbourg buys the castle in 1463 and sells it three years later to Jean Bertolf de Hergenrath.
We are in 1518 when the castle belongs to Gerard de Kaldenbach. He sells it in 1531 to Hermans de Battenburg. He turns the old stronghold in a bigger castle. He had one son who inherits the castle and who on his turn leaves the domain to his daughter Marie de Battenburg. Marie marries Jacques de Presseux de Hautregard.
We are in 1697 when Baron Maximiliem d'Estembeque buys the castle. He gives the castle to his daughter Isabelle Josephe who marries with Thomas de Royer. Their sons Jacques Alexandre and Maximilien Thomas de Royer follow up their parents and make some alteration to the castle.
In 1918 the castle is bought by Edwin Suermondt who is married to Anne Englerth. The following year they remodel and restore the castle thoroughly. You can view the castle from all sides from the public road.