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The history of this site as a refuge goes back to the prehistoric times. Castle Logne was first mentioned in 883. It served as a safe haven for the monks of Stavelot when they were fleeing for the Norsemen. In 1138 a large keep was built to ensure food supplies and to allow a permanent garrison to be stationed at the castle. During the same era, the town of Logne was founded below the castle. In the 13th and 14th century the castle was reinforced so it would not fall in the hands of the wrong people. Abbot Jean Godeschale de Gueuzaine had great financial problems forcing him to sell the castle for 400 Rhenish Florins to Everard II de La Mark, Lord of Arenberg in 1427. Everard's grandson, Guillaume a la Barbe, Lord of Lummen occupied the castle in 1478. He used it against Louis de Bourbon and against the Burgundian interests in the Netherlands. Maximilian of Austria attacked the castle and seized it in 1480. Guillaume regained the castle in 1482 and installed his son in law, Jeannot le Batard, in the castle as its captain. Logne turned in a nest of pillagers. Three years later Guillaume was executed in Maastricht. His brothers continued the struggle and attacked the Bishop, Jean de Hornes. In 1514 Logne passed into the hands of Guillaume de Jametz, the son of Robert II de La Marck, Lord of Sedan and the nephew of Guillaume a la Barbe. Robert II also known as The Devil took the site of the French King and defied the authority of the Emperor Charles Quint. In 1521, he sent an army to conquer all of the castles that were in the hands of the de la Marck family. From April 20th to May 1st the castle was under siege and hundreds of cannons bombarded Logne. The castle was destroyed and the survivors of the garrison surrendered after which they were executed. Charles Quint donated the castle ruin to the monks of Stavelot but he forbade them to rebuild the stronghold. After 1521 the village was rebuilt with material found in the castle ruins. From 1899 to 1907 the first clearing and restoration campaign was started by Auguste Dupont. The site of the ruins of Logne castle were the property of the Province Leige since 1967.
I visited this castle on a hot summer day and it was a real pleasure to wander around this ancient site. You will find guides that give tours but you can also walk around the ruin by yourself. Donít forget to visit the natural cave that is under the castle.