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In 1859 somebody had the idea to build a new castle at the outskirts of the village Loppem. Architect artist Jean de Bethune got the order to construct a castle that would become an organic unity. So he not only designed the castle but also the furniture and the inside decoration. Together with the castle he also designed the garden.
The brothers Albert and Ernest Van Caloen decided to develope a maze in the castle garden. In 1873 they started together with E.H. Van Der Meersch to construct the maze and planted almost two km of hedges.
Also history made a halt at the castle. In 1918 King Albert I stayed at the castle and formed there the so-called Government of Loppem. He made two important decisions in the castle. First he decided that everybody should have the right to vote with elections and secondly he signed a paper that would make Flanders officially Dutch speaking.
You can visit the castle. You will find a vast art collection , with paintings, wooden gothic sculptures, porcelain and pottery. The castle is not always open best you call them to make sure when to visit the castle. Tel +32 50 82 48 76.