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The history of the castle goes back to the dark medieval times but not much is left of those times. The castle as we see it now is built around the old keep but you won't see any traces from that ancient construction only the shape is left in the current stairway. It was the Spanish officer Don Rodrigo Martinez de Peralta who brought the domain back to life in 1716. He built a beautiful summerhouse that was dominated by the big keep, the Sarasijnen tower. His heirs Count Léon de Villegas and his wife Ferdinande de Maillen integrated the neo gothic castle in a beautiful landscape park with rare trees.
The interior of Louvignies didn't change since 1880. On your visit you will walk through numerous beautiful salons with valuable furniture. The belle époque interior of this castle is exquisite. You will also visit the old kitchen, servant's quarters and the linen-room.
Every year the castle has another theme that goes as a guideline through the guided tour. A tour lasts about 90min, but our guide was enthusiastic so it took more than two hours. Visiting this castle is really a recommendation. The castle and park is open during the summer months only on Sunday afternoon from 2pm until 6pm. You can find the castle in the little town of Louvignies.