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I gathered here on this page four castle you can find close to the city of Liege. We start with the left picture with castle;

You can find this castle in the village of Charneux in the land of Hervé to the east of Liege. It is an 18th century construction. Above the entrance door you can read “A-J. Dumoulin a Agnes Belle Fontaine 1777”. The castle is private property but can be viewed from the public road.

The castle of Chaineux is located in the village of the same name in the land of Hervé to the east of Liege. It is built in the 19th century by the family Xhibitte in empire style. It houses now an restaurant.

Les Cours:
Our third castle in the land of Hervé on this page is the one with the most history. The name of the castle goes back to 1457 when the Licour family lived in it, later on Leycourt in 1458 and in 1544 Lescourt. It is also know as Chateau Lognay after its owners of the 18th century up to the first world war. It is private property but can be viewed from the road.

The castle on the picture to the right can be found in the village of the same name. You can find it close to Sprimont and it dates back to medieval times. It was occupied by the Press family in 1497. By the Arenberg Marck family in 1570. Back then the castle was a keep with an entrance gate flanked by two towers. It was demolished on order of Alexander Farnese in 1578.
In 1676 it was property of the Argentau family.
The castle was destroyed again in 1794 during the battle of Sprimont between the French and Austrian armies.
The count of Berlaymont inheritance the castle of his aunt Heneriette Rahier in 1825.
Next up was the Dumonceau family. Then the Brixhe family until it was bought in 1904 by Gérard Kleinermann-Dallemagne. The castle is still in this family possession. You can rent rooms in the castle for weddings and other gatherings.