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This tower is a peculiar example of late medieval military architecture. The tower was a border or watchtower for the duchy Brabant but it was also a defense tower and was built to withstand heavy bombardments. The walls are 4.8 meter wide at the bottom and 1.8 meter wide at the top. The tower is more than likely built by Reinier van Schoonvorst. His coat of arms can still been seen in the middle of the arch in the main room. Although the tower is a protected monument it is in bad condition. The last restoration was done in 1863. The tower can no longer be visited because of the danger of collapsing. You can however admire this massive keep from the public road. Lets hope that they start restoring this building soon so that it not get lost completely

UPDATE JULY 2006 : Part of the tower collapsed a few weeks ago. More info here Red De Maagdentoren (In Dutch)