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The keep of the Lords of Meldert dates back to the second half of the 14th century but contains also parts that date back to the 13th century. The keep used to be surrounded by a moat.
The defence tower is erected in gobertane stone and measures 6.18 by 6.68 meter and the walls are 1.30 meter thick. It is not really known how the keep looked like when it was still intact as it was already a ruin in the 16th century.
During the religious wars in 1568 the keep of Meldert was besieged and burned down after Willem d'Oyenbrugghe had defended the tower with 30 men for a long time. The keep was never rebuild. Restoration and consolidation works were done in 1984. the roof construction in zinc was added to prevent further decline. The keep is now part of the Prins Kardinaal farm but can be viewed from the public road.
You can find the keep in the village of Meldert.